BEILBY’S Guarantee

At Beilby’s, we understand the pain of browsing online for furniture, only to find after purchasing, your product does not fit it’s description or picture. What’s even worse is the durability of these cheap pieces aren’t always up to scratch. That’s why at Beilby’s, we guarantee what you see is what you get. We strive to deliver on service, quality and design. Every Beilby’s lounge is hand made in South Australia, using the finest quality Australian materials.


Our timber is sourced locally from Mount Gambier, SA. Beilby’s timber surface finishes are hard and durable, and will provide years of use with proper care.


Webbing and suspension:
Beilby’s uses 
Black Cat® cushion support webbing. Unlike old fashioned rubber straps, Black Cat® is manufactured from continuous beads of natural latex rubber, wrapped in threads of polypropylene fibre to protect from oxidisation. Together these materials produce high elasticity and support, combined with optimum strength and durability. Black Cat’s® greatest attribute is its reputation for increasing the life of foam seat cushions. We source our Black Cat webbing direct from Warwicks, read more here.

10 Year Guarantee.


We use premium Australian foams manufactured on shore by Dunlop Foams. Dunlop offers a range of premium quality foam that keeps your furniture looking better and feeling more comfortable for much longer. They are a leading supplier of industrial and consumer foams in Australia and New Zealand. When you order your Beilby’s lounge, you can be guaranteed comfort and durability of your suite. We use multiple layers of density and slow release foams to create the highest quality lounges and chairs available. Looking something that’s a little bit firmer? We can offer different foam options to suit your specifications and desired firmness of your lounge suite. 

10 Year Guarantee.


All Beilby’s and ELIA lounges are upholstered in Warwick’s Fabrics, or your choice of full grain leather available in a range of colours. Warwick’s is one of the worlds leading fabric and textile wholesalers, and like Beilby’s, are a Family-Owned Australian business. In purchasing a Beilby’s or ELIA lounge, you are guaranteed access to our available ranges of quality fabrics that inspire creativity and are always up-to-date with modern interior design trends. Visit our showroom to browse available fabric samples, or click here to browse online.

Halo Easy Care Range by Warwicks:

Halo Fabrics are designed to last. Woven to precise specifications with high abrasion standards, all Halo Fabrics repel stains, pilling, mould and moths. So they can handle whatever you, your family or friends throw at them.

10 Year Guarantee.


All Beilby’s ELIA range of products are covered by a 5 Year Warranty against any structural defects.

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