How to keep your furniture fresh & clean! 4 Easy tips

How to keep your furniture fresh & clean! 4 Easy tips

⚠️ 🦠 Do you vacuum your furniture?! 🦠 ⚠️

Ever noticed how dust piles on your coffee table or surfaces after a few days of not wiping them down? Well that same dust collects on your lounges & chairs too! In fact, many of us are guilty of overlooking our furniture after we’ve deep cleaned the house, disinfected the bathroom, sanitised all surfaces and vacuumed. Studies have shown that the average family spends more time on their couch than they do in their own beds! Watching telly, having a nap, cuddling with pets, entertaining etc. Additionally, a majority of households have never had their furniture cleaned, and those who have, have only done so once or twice since purchasing their furniture! We’ve compiled a list of 4 tips and reasons on how to keep your living room furniture & upholstery looking fresh and feeling clean! (And reasons why you should!) 🧹🛋


  1. Don’t just vacuum your carpets, grab the upholstery attachment and vacuum your furniture too!You wouldn’t neglect cleaning your carpet for months to years on end, and you shouldn’t neglect your furniture either! Over time, your furniture absorbs dirt, germs, oils and smells that can take years of your furniture fast. Yikes! A gentle vacuum ensures you aren’t rubbing in dirt or debris while cleaning, whilst maintaing the longevity of your upholstery.

  2. For cleaning, we recommend that you only use industry standard fabric & leather care products on your lounges. We use Warwick’s Halo Care range of fabric protectors and spot cleaners to ensure the longevity of our upholstery. Avoid using solvents, carpet cleaning or care products that are not intended for furniture & upholstery as they may be abrasive, contain bleach which can discolour your upholstery, and cause damage to your lounge. Also be sure to avoid or limit harsh brushing and sharp objects (like rings) which may snag or ruin your lounge’s fabric. Use a soft towel to wipe down leather, or gently vacuum with the appropriate attachment to collect dust.

  3. That leather lounge suite wasn’t cheap! Therefore it’s important to ensure you get your value for money by taking care of your leather upholstery properly, so you can enjoy your furniture for years on end. The Aussie sun is perfect on those warm, summer days - but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which can be harsh on our furniture, can cause excessive drying or cracking on leather upholstery, as well as fading the colour over time. And have you ever noticed those dark spots, flakes and cracks on your favourite leather clutch or handbag? That’s from our body oils & perspiration, which is made up of enzymes & salt that eventually affect your leather. Different leathers, i.e. suede, require different methods of cleanings, so be sure to read-up on what you’re working with. Any time after cleaning your leather furniture, you should apply a leather conditioner to restore the natural lubricants found within the leather from cleaning. After all, leather is skin too!

  4. Keeping your upholstery clean will maintain the appearance of your lounge, ensuring those colours remain bright and vibrant, avoiding discolouration and keeping textures as they should be. Some fabrics such as microsuede can develop shiny oily dark spots - a good clean will bring it back to life! Cleaning your furniture eliminates stains, germs and odours, and cleaning is important especially if you have pets. Always test cleaning products on a small discreet area, and know when to hire a professional cleaner for those deep-seated stains!
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